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March 15, 2012 6:05 pm
OK Soda artwork “color keys”:
These are original color keys from the Cocks-Clark Engraving Company and Ball Metal Corporation. These were used to make labels for soda cans before they go to print. A color key has several layers. The rear layer is silver, then there are four clear layers - one for each color. There is a layer for the black ink, the white ink, the red ink, and the grey ink. When they are all together (like they are now), they make what you see on a can of soda.
Technology has changed since these were used, and they do not make these anymore

Artwork by Dan Clowes, Charles Burns, and Calef Brown

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    OK Cola tasted like watered-down generic cola. I mean, even more watered-down than Pepsi. Maybe more appropriate to say...
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    so basically more or less what Pepsi did I’d believe that, yeah
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    It’d probably be something deliberately over the top or ‘ironically’ awesome, or a soda with a super-minimal can design,...
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